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MonoGame is FREE for Playstation 4 developers

by Jordon McClain
July 1, 2014 at 9:07AM

            MonoGame is a free software used by game developers to make their own games for various platforms. It is essentially the continuation of Microsoft's XNA 4.0 Framework Application. MonoGame implements XNA 4.0 and allows developers to port their games to other platforms besides the default platforms supported already by the XNA 4.0 Framework. Currently, MonoGame supports Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation Mobile, and the OUYA console. It has been used for many bestselling games such as Bastion and Fez. So for any developer who wishes to continue using XNA, MonoGame looks to be a solid choice on PC. There will not be a cost attached to the tool for registered PS4 developers. The first PS4 title to take advantage of the tool is Matt Makes Games' Towerfall: Ascension. To learn more about MonoGame, vist the link here.

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