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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Steel Cyclone Studios get started?
     That is a great question. It all started with a dream by Jordon McClain while teaching himself game development in his spare time. He began working on his own game engine as a hobby project and in May 2012 started Steel Cyclone Studios LLC. Over time the game engine slowly evolved and after years of struggle, Jordon is now able to devote more time to furthering Steel Cyclone Studios and standout in the game industry. Gradually, Jordon began to build up support from friends through Facebook.

Is Steel Cylcone Studios hiring?
     We are not hiring at this time, but are making plans to increase our team in the near future. Check back for updates.

Who publishes your games?
     Steel Cyclone Studios is independently published. Currently we are working on a unique strategy to develop fun games of great quality independently from publishing companies funded by, or partly with the gaming community. Once our first game is near completion, we will most likely set up a Kickstarter page for it.

What game engine does your games use?
     Steel Cylone Studios proudly utilizes the self-created Cylone Game Engine. For our first game project, there is a high possiblity we might use the Unity Game Engine. Recently, Jordon found a way to import majority of his engine's source code into Unity.

Does Steel Cyclone Studios have any social groups I can join?
     Absolutely! You can be a fan of our studio on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.