Engine Terms of Use

The Cyclone Game Engine is a product of Steel Cyclone Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

Engine Features

The XNA framework will allow a 3D engine to be built. The Cyclone Game Engine is a 3D game engine built upon the XNA Framework to help make it easier and save time creating and developing games. Steel Cyclone Studios is using this engine and it will be the studio's first attempt to create a first-person shooter. The Engine Facts Sheet will be updated over time so stay tuned.
The XNA Framework will handle most of the rendering work. Pixel and Vertex shaders will add to the realism of the world. Deferred rendering and motion-blur is still in the works.

  • Fully functional Sky-box system
  • Volumetric Clouds (Needs some improvement)
  • Deferred Rendering (Work-In-Progress)
  • Shadows (First phase almost finished)
  • Lens Flare Effect
  • Terrain support loaded from a .bmp file

  • Water Shader

  • BEPU Physics Library
  • JigLibX 4.0 Physics Library


    AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    MonoGame has been integrated to support multiple platforms
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Mac (Soon)
  • OUYA
  • PS4 (Soon)
  • Windows PC
  • Windows Phone
  • Xbox 360

  • Supports DirectX, FBX and Obj model file types
  • XNAnimation Library integrated with support for multiple animation takes within a .fbx model

  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • Mouse & Keyboard

  • Level Editor (Coming Soon)

  • C#

  • First Person Camera: This Camera is a simple FPS camera attached at the player's head level. This camera also has spring physics. The camera will be a perspective camera used to make the game look 3D.

  • HUD (Heads Up Display) - Work-In-Progress
  • The engine comes built-in with a 2d/3D Menu System with transition effects, splash screens, a loading screen, and a pause screen. Networking functionality for online play is still currently in the works. The menu system displays an animated busy indicator whenever a network operation is in progress. In multiplayer, once in the lobby, a list of gamers is displayed along with icons indicating who is currently talking and who has marked themselves as ready. When all the gamers are ready, the menu for now loads the first map.